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Here is Black Betty.

World Speed Record Owner. 



Length                             21.50 m

Draft                                  4.80 m

Beam                                5.50 m

Weight                          13.680 kg

Rig Height                      31.50 m

Main Sail Area                  175 m²

Spinnaker Sail Area          500 m²

Downwind Sail Area          800 m²

Cant Angle                          40 ˚

Keel Weight                    7.400 kg

Boat Speed                       +35 kn

MAST 31,5 m.


CARBON PBO (polybenzoxazole),

50 % stronger, 70-80 % lighter  than stainless steel alternatives.

Southern Spars, Carbon, 4 Spreaders, 1 Jumper, Lenght : 31,5m, Keel stepped.

Similarly, post-race lab testing on ‘Paprec Virbac 2’s’ D1 rigging (Southern Spars’ EC6 continuous carbon fibre) showed no strength or stiffness degradation after the 29,000-mile non-stop Barcelona World Race.





Canting keel with bulb, steel/lead, hydraulic drive, the bulb weight 4,500 kilos – is the same as three Volvo estate cars.


3Di - Black Twaron Aramid and Dyneema SK75 Fiber Sail Inventory.


Total number of sails for the race: 18 sails + 3 storm sails  for a Volvo Open 70

Mainsails, Mast head Gennakers, Fractional Gennakers, Code 0, Headsails, Spinnaker Stay sail.



CARBON EC 6 PBO (polybenzoxazole), Nanotechnology.


Carbon nanotubes have densities as low as 1.3 g/cm3 Young’s Modulus is considered greater than 1000 GPa and the strength for a carbon nanotube has been measured up to 150 GPa.

•The result is a lighter stronger composite part with the following characteristics:

•Compressive increase 15-20%

•Improved notch strength 15-30% 

•Fatigue properties increased

•Finer tolerance laminate placement/patching and tapers

•Conservative weight savings over conventional materials/processes:
    - 6-10% in a standard mast
    - 8-12% in standard boom
    - 10-25% in standard spreader.

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